A Rolled Over Artic On A Roundabout

We received a call out to fully loaded artic on the A50 at Tean, which had rolled over on the roundabout.

We immediately dispatched 2 heavy recovery units and an incident manager.

Once on scene, we found that the vehicle was loaded with 2 large generators which had not been strapped down. The load had slid when negotiating the roundabout, causing the vehicle to roll. We liaised with the Police and Fire Officers on scene and produced the necessary Risk Assessment and Method Statement.

The heavy recovery units were set up and the vehicle winched back over onto its wheels. The 2 large generators were then lifted and loaded back onto the trailer and properly secured. The complete unit was then recovered back to our depot as requested.

The total time taken from receiving the call to clearing the scene was 2 hours 10 minutes.

A Rolled Over Artic On A Roundabout